Why do I Believe the Bible?

The Bible has been respected and revered for centuries upon centuries.  It has been viewed as sacred.  It has long been used by parents and educators to instruct in the realm of grammar, world history, etiquette, and morality.  The Bible has shaped our local, state, and federal laws.  It has inspired musicians, composers, artists, and authors.

It has comforted the bereaved, given hope to the downtrodden, and inspired achievement.  The Bible has made our lives better, reminded us that we have a Creator Who loves us, and has made our world a better place to live.  The Bible has been greatly esteemed through the ages… but, our generation has witnessed a concerted and vigorous effort to undermine its influence.

Motivated by a plethora of reasons – pride, rebellion, desire for social changes – and often perpetuated by ignorance, critics have attacked the Bible from nearly every direction.  They have successfully convinced our modern society that it is an inaccurate, unscientific outdated book that promotes an outdated system of morality.  The person who says, “This is what I believe because the Bible says so” is regarded as a relic whose views are to be ignored.

I am one of those relics.  Why do I believe the Bible?  Because, I believe it IS historically and scientifically accurate.  Because, I believe it IS relevant, and not outdated.  Because I believe it has the power to make us what our Creator wants us to be.

While there are so many evidences in the universe prove the existence of God, the Bible is it’s own best evidence that He is the God of the Bible!  I believe because the bible is not just a collection of disjointed writings, but an amazing work of unity.  Over 40 different men – spanning some 1600 years – many of whom did not know of each other or their respective writings – composed a book with one central theme:  the Salvation of Man through Jesus Christ our Lord.  There can only be one explanation for this:  Divine Inspiration.

I believe the Bible because of its hundreds of amazing prophecies that have been fulfilled.  I believe the Bible because of its shadows and types.  I believe the Bible because of the historical and archeological evidence that has confirmed its content.  I believe because of the many scientific statements that actually pre-date science.  I believe because of the miraculous deeds recorded within that have been confirmed.  I believe because of it’s breathtaking accuracy.

The Bible can only be what it claims for itself:  the Word of God.  Man alone could not have produced such a book.  Don’t take my word for it.  Investigate for yourself.